Reap What You Sow With Maine Hydroponic Supply

Design hydroponic gardening rooms and schedule consultations in Jefferson, ME

There are so many weeds, yet so little thyme! Put down the loop hoe and start hydroponic gardening today. Plants grown through this technique are healthy and have better nutritional value – plus it’ll save you time and money in the future. Through hydroponic gardening, plants can be grown anywhere, as long as their growth requirements are met. Our experienced staff at Maine Hydroponic Supply will help you start and maintain your growing rooms. We will:

  • Meet with you to discuss gardening space and ideas
  • Draw up a design for your indoor or outdoor growing room
  • Customize a room to fit your budget specifications and needs
  • Design basic gardening rooms for beginners and more elaborate designs for experts

Sick plants? Diagnose the problem with Maine Hydroponic Supply.

Got a case of the green thumb? If you’re noticing signs of deficiency in your plants, let our experts come check out your growing room and diagnose the problem. We’ll make sure your plants are in a sterile environment, and offer ways to improve your plant life.

To start and sustain your plant production, call 207-390-0857 today.