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Are you ready to start your own garden, but don’t know where to begin? Put down the herb snips and garden head shovels and stop by Maine Hydroponic Supply of Jefferson, Maine today. From growers and gardeners to farmers and medical marijuana users, we have the guidance and supplies you need to develop a garden and cultivate plants.

Why Choose Maine Hydroponic Supply for your Gardening Needs?

Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you improve your gardening skills and maintaining a blossoming plant production. Maine Hydroponic Supply:


Three reasons you should start hydroponic gardening

Like technology, the gardening sector is also changing. People are now switching to soilless gardening techniques, such as hydroponics. This organic gardening allows plants to grow in a nutrient solution, instead of soil. With Hydroponics:
  • You don’t have to worry about weeding, soil borne diseases, spraying pesticides, tilling or soil texture.
  • You have an easy way of growing fruits and vegetables that are healthier and have more nutritional value.
  • You can expect better results in a short amount of time, as nutrients are dissolved in water and directly fed to the roots.

Let’s start you on the path to gardening success today. Call 207-390-0857 to schedule a consultation or to ask about our supplies. Maine Hydroponic Supply is here to help with your gardening needs in Jefferson, Maine.

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